The Gödöllő Climate Club

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:53

As one of the six best practice pilot projects in the frame of the Changing Behaviour project, GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association in Hungary launched a climate club for the general population of the town of Gödöllő.

The main objectives of the climate club are to:

The format of the club seemed to be an ideal way of creating a local informal community of people interested to take action and move towards more sustainable household practices at the individual and small community level.

The climate club meets every month. In the club, members discuss their efforts, successes and failures, watch relevant thought-provoking movies as well as receive advice and help from GreenDependent experts. In between the clubs, there are additional resources for members:

At one of the first club meetings, the GreenDependent climate club team was interested to find out more about club members’ motivation for joining as well as their aims for and expectations from the club in order to be able to keep the motivation of club members high.

As for why they decided to come to the club, people mentioned the desire to learn more about energy saving and exchange of information with others. The second most important objective that came up was to belong to a community of like-minded people and cooperate with them for something meaningful, such as working towards the reduction of the impacts of climate change.

As for expectations, by attending the club people’s primary aim is to reduce their consumption (and their monthly energy bills), and thus live a more environmentally-friendly and at the same time healthier life. Apart from learning more about leading an energy efficient lifestyle, quite a few club members mentioned other areas of environmentally friendly living that they wanted to explore in the club – examples included organic gardening, composting, waste reduction and reuse, etc. In accordance with these, it is the hope of the GreenDependent team that the club can become a regular and long-term forum for the local community to explore sustainable livelihoods and act together for a more sustainable Gödöllő.